Ryan Tran
One of Ryan's most famous traits are his huge cheeks.

Full Name

Ryan Nguyen Tran


Rowlan, Smowl Bear, Smowl, Rowl Bear, Rowl Smowl, Carebear, Rat, Bearrat, Cheeky, Cheekboy, Bearbear, Peta, Cheek of the Peak, Bear of the Smear, Little Bear, Little Bro, Smell Bear, Sharebear, Dododo, ShaShaShaShoDo, Somoto, Crocrodo, The Cheek That Isn't Meek


August 11, 2001 (age 9)


Fountain Valley, CA, U.S.


Garden Grove, CA, U.S.

Ryan Tran (born August 11, 2011), often simply called Ryan, is second youngest Tran brother. He's famous for his huge cheeks and kind personality. He dislikes his cheeks and gets annoyed when people, especially strangers, touch them. He's the leader of a club called, The Anti-Cheek Club, which fights against cheek abuse.


Eric, 16 - older brother; he and Eric are the closest out of all the Tran brothers. They spend most of their days together doing all sorts of things such as exploring Paradise or Pocky World.

Billy, 14 - older brother; Ryan and Billy always joke around about random things. They have similar interests such as Spore, sea animals, and the color blue. Ryan and Billy are very close in terms of brothers but second only to Eric.

Max, 10 - younger brother

Craig, 17 - older brother

Kevin, 20 - older brother